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The Southern Gem is an exclusive home furnishings weekend shopping experience in Tuscumbia, AL intended to engrave your home in memories!  It started with our own Southern "Gem," (Lillian Kent Patton) who truly engraved the importance of HOME to all of her family. Gem, born in Tuscumbia, raised in the Shoals;  spent her 92 years on earth in constant motion, keeping her home beautiful, relaxing, and welcoming by all who entered. The Southern Gem is dedicated to all those precious ladies that engrave their memories in our hearts with their homes that were truly made for gathering- those homes that were lived in, laughed in, and reminded us that heart and home live in the same place. 

The Southern Gem will offer exclusive  monthly weekend sales. Our in person and online sale has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic pieces along with unique limited edition items that fit any budget. Mark your calendars today!

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Design with Gem


 The Gem Design Team

The Gem Interior Design Team is a certified interior design team that is dedicated to furniture piece selection for each sale. There is a design corner at each sale dedicated to assisting in your design questions or ideas!


Interior Designers

Are you an interior designer shopping for pieces for your clients? Send us a note at at the bottom of the website! This will sign you up for additional designer benefits and allow us to work hard to bring pieces you and your clients will love!

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